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District Camporee

posted Jan 22, 2013, 3:37 PM by Joseph Saba
This is a email from Mr. Weller.
Troop 34 Scouts, Parents and Leaders;


Registration for the Panther District Camporee which will be held from

February 1 through 3, 2013 at Camp Miles has ended. Registration

was divided between any Scout or Adult Leader that Registered On Time

which was by January 10 which was a Cost of $10.00 and any Scout or

Adult Leader that Registered Late which would be between January 11

and 17 at a cost of $20.00.


Meals will be Cooked and Served at the Campsite. The Cost of the Meals

are $12.00.


The Registration Fees for the Troop are due at the Troop Meeting. You can

Pay by check made out to Boy Scout Troop 34 or by Cash. The Meals Fee

can be paid the same way and can be added into 1 check. You may also

pay by withdrawal of Scout Account funds. A Lot of People used their

Scout Accounts for Recharter so you can check with me at the Troop Meeting

to see if their are Funds Available.