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OA Ordeal

posted Feb 4, 2013, 12:19 PM by Joseph Saba   [ updated Feb 5, 2013, 11:01 AM ]
For everyone who doesn't get these emails here it is.
Joseph Saba
Troop 34 Scouts, Parents and Adult Leaders:


On March 1 through 3, 2013 the Osceola Lodge of the Southwest Florida

Council for the Order Of The Arrow will be hosting the Ordeal for all

new Candidates that were elected as well as any Existing Arrowmen

that would like to attend.


The Ordeal will be held at Camp Flying Eagle in Bradenton. Early Registration

Ends on Friday February 8 for all Existing Order Of the Arrow Members.

The Cost to Register is 20 Dollars for On Time Registrants. Late Registration

will be $25.00 if Registration is done between February 9 to 14. Registration

for New Candidates will be from Now through February 14 and there is

only 1 Fee $40.00 which will cover the Cost of the Ordeal and an Order Of

The Arrow Book and Patch and Sash and Meals.


All Payments for Ordeal will be due at the Troop Meeting of February 19.

If you would like to Attend, just simply send me an EMail at brianscouting or text me at 239-849-8606 by Friday February 8 at 10PM

and you will be Registered On Time. From February 9 through 14, you

will be Registered Late. New Candidates have until 10PM on February 14

to Register.



Brian Weller


PS  They will also be offering Brotherhood at the Ordeal for any Member

       that is eligible. (Must be an Ordeal Member for 10 Months)