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posted Dec 9, 2013, 2:17 PM by Troop ThirtyFour

Hello everyone,

An important Email has been sent out to both of the google groups that everyone needs to see. I have posted this here so that everyone can see it. The troop is in need of new equipment, and around the holiday season many people are cleaning out their houses and getting rid of things.  The Troop is looking for things that you may be getting rid of that the troop needs. Please read the following Email.


Joseph Saba

Parents and Leaders,


In an effort to make sure that our boys have all the equipment that they need to make their outdoor adventures as successful and fun as possible I have compiled a list of various items that the troop needs to provide.  While we normally purchase these items and already have most of them there are a few that we don't have and some that need replacement.  I thing we have found a win - win solution for everyone.  


If you have any of the items listed below that you don't need anymore, are replacing, or just plain want to get rid of them Troop 34 would like to help!  Instead of having to drive all the way down to Goodwill or St. Vincent's for a few small items we will take any of these items off your hands.  If we don't have a need for them or get too many of an item we will take what we don't use/need and donate it to a thrift store.  As I said above, we already have some of these items but as I'm sure you know boys can be rough on things and coupled with being used outdoors their useful life is sometimes shorter that we would like.  


If you would like to donate any of these used items please send them with your boy(s) to a troop meeting and we will collect them.  Thank you in an advance for anything you can do.  




Cooking and Kitchen

o    Large Stock Pot

o    Dutch oven

o    Small Cutting Board

o    Large Cutting Board

o    Large Pot w/ Lid

o    Medium Pot w/ Lid

o    Small Pot w/ Lid

o    Fry Pan

o    Griddle

o    Hot Pads

o    Cooking Apron

o    Mixing Bowl, large

o    Measuring Cup

o    Measuring Spoons

o    Can Opener

o    Ladle

o    Wooden Spoon

o    Slotted Spoon

o    Serving Spoon

o    Whisk

o    Medium Spatula

o    Long Spatula

o    Salad Tongs

o    Meat Tongs

o    Knives (Serrated, paring, chef's, etc.)

o    Potato Peeler

o    Cheese grater

o    Strainer

o    Drink Pitcher

o    Meat Fork

o    Adjustable Pliers (for Dutch Oven)

o    Plastic Plates or Platters

o    Can Openers (not electric)

o    Small Plastic Storage Bins (to store some of the above in)


General Items

o    5 gallon buckets

o    Hatchet

o    Camp Saw

o    Small Shovel

o    Work Gloves